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Autonomous Circuit Racing Team An MIT Beaver Works Collaboration

Open your classroom to
  the world's coolest 

Action packed non-stop learning 

Build and race self driving cars

Course is free. No knowledge or experience needed

Program miniature self-driving cars, integrate sensors and collision avoidance logic to allow vehicles to navigate complex racetracks. Learn about integrating sensors, teaching machines to visually recognize objects, control the car and work in team. Build skills by adapting software so that the car can recognize signs, follow complex paths, and avoid obstacles. Knowledge and skills are transferable to bigger projects. Find out why so many students see it as a real transformational learning experience. 

Set up your own after- school, year round STEM team or add it as an elective. If you're a student, teacher or parent, you can start-up right now!

Complete with self paced learning system developed at MIT for
middle & high schools 

RACECAR is a powerful open-source platform for robotics research and education. It's a perfect
start-up for student engineers to apply, experience & innovate using MIT's RACECAR research

Explore the latest autonomous vehicle technologies using a live project and guided coursework, developed by experts in the field at MIT Beaver Works.

Push the limits, customize, create and test market your own new products too. Find out why so
many students call MIT's learning system "transforming".                

Don't wait, join the race 

We'll connect you to courses and resources

Tell us about yourself. Please indicate if you are a student, parent, teacher or mentor - working solo, with friends, or planning a startup team. Include your school's name and address.

Students outside the USA are welcome to apply. Right now, all courses and materials are in English.
If you're interested to translate for students in your country, let us know!

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